GooPhone i6 on Sale

Have you ever heard of a Goophone? If not you’re going to love this. The Goophone is everything you could want for an iPhone but way cheaper. In these phones they have all the same technology as an iPhone but made by Android. When you first see one you would never believe it isn’t an actual iPhone.

The new sleek look of the Iphone 6 is now available for Goophone’s.

Where to buy the GooPhone i6

Want to buy this phone? It’s available on several websites from $200.00 and even low as $160.00 but if you want to buy it from the official goophone company, its available for $150.00 at Amazon. They are out there for even cheaper but it’s not the official product.

A Video Review & Unboxing

There are multiple reviews for the GooPhone but we have picked out the best and even the worst. Here is a video you can watch with an Unboxing Included.


If you want more information, just head over to the amazon page and you can find all the specs and information. If your not digging the style, we also have some reviews for the GooPhone N3. Check it our here

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